I was raised in Southwest Atlanta starting my early learning experience at Mrs. Lindsey’s daycare in Mozley Park. From F. L. Stanton to Frederick Douglass High School, my experiences in Atlanta Public Schools was nothing short of amazing. But it wasn’t just APS that made my experience great. It was the connection throughout our communities and schools, engaging families, businesses and community in the process of teaching and learning. However, as an adult and having been an after school program director, teacher and family engagement specialist within APS, I have learned that this isn’t the experience of every child in Atlanta. But it can be. I believe that every child can have better educational outcomes and experiences in Atlanta. 

I have spent the last 17 years of my professional career in education. Serving in every capacity impacting how children learn. These experiences as general education teacher, after school program director, district administrator, school administrator, charter school board chair and special education teacher, give me a unique perspective on innovation and how we’re teaching students to learn. My experiences in education have allowed me to see what works and what’s needed to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of all students; especially those whom we aren’t serving well.  

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